I May Be Done With Toolbars on a Ning Network! What's Your Experience?

I May Be Done With Toolbars on a Ning Network!

I'll keep you all posted, and this is not the first time I've had to resort to removing external toolbars.  I may very well be done with Toolbars on a Ning Network.

When typing, I've noticed a delayed response for a day or so, and thought it was my computer. I've noticed a drop in traffic. Even my laptop has gotten extra hot from constantly churning. No darn wonder! I am incredibly irritated about this. Course, smashing my finger earlier today on a steel door, and working too many hours - - probably accounts for some of my irritability. ;-)

These toolbars run just fine on my other sites (not Ning).

I just removed both Toolbars, and the site is running much faster. There are some features in these toolbars that are important. So, not sure how I'll move forward. But for now, all gone. I am also sure that Ning Networks are running slower than usual, for whatever reason! So, the combination is no fun for anyone. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

What is your experience? Please join the Conversation. I would love to hear specific details. Tell us if you've experienced issues here (and I'm sure you have in the past 48 hours), issues on your site, what toolbars, etc...

Thanks in advance for your input!

Best Regards,

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Hi Emprendedor Digital!
Your comment, "My suggestion to all website owners is to make it visible only to sign in members that way you eliminate the load time for first time users" - - Excellent idea, that I hadn't considered. Especially since like you said, so many images are already cached. I guess because of this site being so active with members, I'm always as concerned about members (if not more) as Visitors. But, this is a great idea. I suggest it for everyone! I'm sure I can write the code, but will take me some time to do it. If you have the script written already, to display toolbars for members signed in, I would love the tip in our Tip Group. hint, hint! ;-)
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Great link on the web page test site too! Here's another good one to find out what's slowing things down.


Wow, great contributions here. Thanks!
Well, credit to the ones that deserve it. I actually have Jisbar running on my site and the one that worte the code is Vince based on my suggestion. Colaboration people, thats the only way we can create scale with low budgets. Amen!!!
Vince is awesome. The only reason I didn't go with jisbar, I didn't know about it and had already committed loyalty to Wibiya. But, I'm a huge fan of Vince.
I agree with the speed and experience. Each site is different. I have older members and also many that do not understand (or want to) deal with or learn to use anything new or different to them. For us simplicity wins out.
I was using Wibiya and found it a pain. Then when I transferred my sites to Spruz.com they said they had a partnership of sorts ith Skysa.com and I find that it is much easier to use and webpage friendly. And the support is wonderful. I had a question and within 24 hrs it was answered, problem solved.
Yeah, Skysa is actually owned and developed by the same Team as Spruz. So you should really have a nice experience with the bar on a Spruz site.
Thanks Beth!
Hi Jen: I use Jisbar, Skyssa and my page loads fine. Oh, I also use the I'Ming, a who's online toolbar too. I am also at the momet using dial-up. Could it be the toolbars you're using? Check it out at http://christianwomenpredestinedbygod.ning.com. Let me know how your upload time experience is. Of course, the upload time without any external toolbars is always faster, but the few seconds delay doesn't seem to bother me. At least not yet! Let me know what you think.
Hi Predestined by God,
Nice site! Yeah, actually it's amazing how fast your site loads with the bars and widgets. I've spent all day trying to speed things up here, just for it to get no better. Gotta run, only day off. Will hop on it next week.
Thanks for your input,
Well, all the best!
See Jen, that is what I'm talking about. It took forever for her page to load for me, of course I use firefox and it's the first time there. This little forum you are using is gathering much useful data...
Like I said before, I love my Jisbar but I will test it with all the bars on different pages...like you are planning to do. One think I did like was the bar at the top on PBG site...much different look.

Hi Mind's Eye! We are fast forwarding to 2015 ... LOL ... could you check out my page at PGB and let me know if the page loads slowly still after 5 years? I just put the Skysa toolbar back. Would love some feedback! Thanks!

Hi Jen, 2015 . . . 5 years later . . . WowzaH! Could you visit my PBG and let me know if the page loads in a timely fashion. I have placed the Skysa bar back on my site.



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