I May Be Done With Toolbars on a Ning Network! What's Your Experience?

I May Be Done With Toolbars on a Ning Network!

I'll keep you all posted, and this is not the first time I've had to resort to removing external toolbars.  I may very well be done with Toolbars on a Ning Network.

When typing, I've noticed a delayed response for a day or so, and thought it was my computer. I've noticed a drop in traffic. Even my laptop has gotten extra hot from constantly churning. No darn wonder! I am incredibly irritated about this. Course, smashing my finger earlier today on a steel door, and working too many hours - - probably accounts for some of my irritability. ;-)

These toolbars run just fine on my other sites (not Ning).

I just removed both Toolbars, and the site is running much faster. There are some features in these toolbars that are important. So, not sure how I'll move forward. But for now, all gone. I am also sure that Ning Networks are running slower than usual, for whatever reason! So, the combination is no fun for anyone. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

What is your experience? Please join the Conversation. I would love to hear specific details. Tell us if you've experienced issues here (and I'm sure you have in the past 48 hours), issues on your site, what toolbars, etc...

Thanks in advance for your input!

Best Regards,

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Lol, well I had some rather bad experiences with ning and the Jizbar. It would get caught in a endless loop which I couldn't seem to recover from. It was difficult to disable since it was in the analytic's so I had to disable it on dashboard then remove it from ning until they had the problem solved. Of course I haven't put it back up because I noticed people were still getting caught in those untimely loops...lol

I really like the Jizbar and its features but I don't like bring problems to the network...so I'm done with it until...
Unfortunately, after trying one for a month or two on http://MyLinkingPowerForum.ning.com, I've already reached the same conclusion as the one you're considering. The tool bar I tried with my site yielded very negative results for some of my members. Some even reported that their virus software went off. Whether or not there was a virus, it just did not add enough value to justify alarming members of my forum. They come there only to conduct business and that's what I'd like to have them focus on, exclusively...

+Vincent Wright
Thank you Vincent! Maybe if I ever reach a happy medium on this, I can share with everyone. Like I was telling Carny Town, I already miss several of the features. But, not worth it if causing a bad user experience overall.
Keep the comments coming. I'm seriously thinking I'll add Skysa back today, and see what happens.
What about this? It won't be as convenient, but what if I add a special page just for the toolbars? I can add an active chat, etc...
actually that would be a great Idea, a dedicated page for it...
Gonna call it a night, but tomorrow I'll try to get this done.

Thank you Vincent and Ralphy for your input!
Thank you for the post..I have had similar issues,.................Thanks everybody.
I've been happy with my Skysa bar. I don't think I've had any slow downs because of it and love the features.
I am pretty happy with the Jisbar. There is a slight amount of time in loading it, but I think it is worth it. Of course, I keep the content at a minimum. It is a good place for me to embed pages with frames and photos. However, if I lost it...it would not be a major loss, either. I am trying Skysa and Wibya (did I spell that right?) on other pages, but am not finding anything special about any of them. I imagine that there will be many changes over the Summer and many open source options coming our way. The toolbars MAY have seen the end of their useability.
Carny, I loved the Jisbar, but I can tell you that it doesn't love all your members. Actually none of them do. The first day I discovered this was when the page kept restarting, that was a nightmare. Jisbar was trying to fix a glitch in IE6 and ning had just done a major change, meanwhile the site when haywire.

I especially love the announcement part of the each toolbar that give us a clean way to send information with filling up members mailbox. But if there are still glitches, it becomes hard on members, so I rather do without until there is a system that is bug free...

Yeah, I really did love me Jisbar...
Thanks Ralphy! I'm still pondering the situation, LOL. Throw the ideas my way if you have any.
Actually Jen, No one really knows what problems exist with the toolbars unless members tell them. All of them interact on different browsers and all of them fail...especially under ning...it could be a virus scan, or a damaged file or anything. One ning site used the Sky and didn't know it was failing on another members browser until they were informed. So there are many different symptoms So what to do if the common denominator is Ning...lol

I think that one of the best features with bars is the announcements, so for me I would actually add that feature to my page...someday in the future...lol Maybe roll over buttons instead loading the toolbars...I just don't trust the bars since I started using them...it can get kind of wacky...lol



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