I wanted to wait until the full release with the features I use most, such as events and take advantage of the migration tools, but I am getting antsy, thinking I should at least start learning the design navigation and thinking about a new look.  

I see lots of comments on 3.0, are most of you just doing the "sandbox" site or are you already switched to 3.0?

Are you glad you have it early, or is it just frustrating?

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I have a 3.0 network going strong and am signing up around 25 members a day. It's at http://showmen.ning.com ... for me, it is very simple but I have the advantage of running several Wordpress sites and Ning 3.0 is very similar to the Pagelines DMS which I use. Personally I like it a lot but concur with Jen and agree that there are literally hundreds of small things which need to be ironed out. And some biggies that are missing...among them are the lack of licensed music player and some iframe problems. Looking forward to a final product that looks to be quite a long time away. Meanwhile. Some may wish to consider a Wordpress static site and a Buddypress plugin which provides a workable network at no cost except your hosting costs.

Ok the ball is rolling, I have my first look at 3.0, this should be interstesting since I never switched to 2.0 with Design Studio :)   You will be hearing more from me, lol.

Good to read this thread, thanks everyone, and thanks, Jens, for pointing it out to me.  :)

 GirlRiders, I tried 3.0 and the most frustrated thing was the videos, the way they have them where you upload them from your youtube channel. I don't like that.

2.0 layouts looked better than 3.0 design studio to me, 3.0 looks like boxy crap. Very disorganized. It is themable which is good, ning 3.0 will need that to keep things a float. I wish they had the option to have 2.0 still - socialparadox.com has hosting for 10.00 a month No ad's and it looks like ning 2.0, just a heads up. Videos and everything still, but its ran by adult network people, with emails like bigd*ck@ and all this, yes that clearly said to me not very professional. lol

PaganJ- just so you know, Ning 3.0 is planning to have a video section which is a lot more like what you know from 2.0, the most different thing is going to be that members must embed their vids, not upload them.  But most folks do that anyway, embed from Youtube.  Once the new 3.0 video section is created, your members can embed their own videos, not go through your YT channel.  What you see there now is not what the 3.0 video section is going to be like.

SocialGo 'Classic' looks a LOT like 2.0, and without the adult email addresses you speak of...lol.  Not as cheap though...but even if saving money, who wants to be associated with viagrow ads?    =8-*

@Friends, indeed! I have tried socialgo a long while back, it was an option again but i tried wall.fm and was happy, but with the unsupported support of a dip named Margareth, I decided siteground was more my speed.

Oxwall/Wall.fm has the social standpoint with videos fix now, and links digg style, and forums, and pictures with the ability to upload over 400 videos and over 4k in pictures... but it has no rss feed anywhere. Nothing! I even asked. Don't give me a network or supposed network without a feed. I am addicted to them and they are really good for linking here and there all over.

Aaah yes, I see.   And 400 videos wouldn't go very far on my musician's site..we're closing in on 2000 videos already.  I don';t mind if it's only embedded vids, most of my members' vids are embedded from YT anyway.  :)

400 is pretty good for starter, there are other plans. Wall.fm's main pro plan is 79.00 a month and some change.

However, it's better just to start out with siteground.com, it's a whole lot easier than I originally thought. You have all the scripts at your hands. lol

One thing I like about ning 3.0 is the blog system with categories. They copied this after tumblr, and grou.ps it seems because you can upload so many blog feeds into the blogs, its one big media giant. I'd like to see one ning 3.0 network be nothing but a BIG BLOG site. hahaha!

Oxwall/Wall.fm is good for pictures in this same way.

Buddypress is good with themes / and posts / rss. I can't imagine a site without RSS, like oxwall however, when I realized how I could never share rss with anyone, i went "what am I doing?"



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