How Will Ning's Move, To Phase Out Free Networks, Effect You?

I think it would be interesting to hear, how will Ning's decision to "phase out free networks", effect you?

Please be respectful of our readers, and each other. But, do feel free to tell your story.

Maybe some of the stories will bring Network Creators together, and some partnerships can be formed.

Or maybe someone has a way to help a fellow Creator, even if just a small gesture.


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My feeling is this.... There are NO free rides in life. If there are, they are neither permanent or of any quality.

I pay premium for both of my sites. If you have real community, then it is worth it. If you are just playing here or blogging, then wordpress might be a better option. I don't mean that to be insulting, but not everyone is trying to make money or doing real networking. Many members here are casual users.

It cost money to host a site. If you went to a hosting company, you will pay minimum $5 per month for a very basic site or page, so I don't feel this is going to be excessive. Let's wait to see what the charges are before we get hysterical.

Yes, Ning has some glitches. Overall, I am very happy with them. I have a thriving community that I could not have created without the Ning platform. I think this step will enable them to fix their current issues and expand!!! Good luck to all of you here:)
On Fantasyland we enjoy decorating our pages and have many creative members.
Does anyone know of a ning alternative upon which we will be able to create our own themes?
i have sites i am now forced to move them to other sites because ning does not want free site here 2 of my sites are not even a year old ive been here since a friend introduced the site to me most of that are disabled cant even afford to pay for these free sites are forced to move other places because the CEO of this does want tohelp the free sites he only wants premium sites here . He will regret loosing all the business he is now loosing with all the free sites . because that also brought in new members each time someone signed up here if he thought about it . the places i chose i will not mention have free sites are not like what he is doing here to us. if he would have thought more clearly on his decision before jumping on what was least important he would not be looing so many customers by May 4 th thats exactlly whats happening now so many friends i have here either left here or closed their sites in fear of Mayy 4th comming not knowing what will happen to their sites like mine i will be transfering all my stuff to my sites between now May 4 th where i have various info to where i can use free sites not feel that i have to pushed to pay for something in the long run blessed wishes to all who stay here CathyKat
Well, the announcement that not-for-profit Ning networks may not be free any longer is really a deception. I think you should try to cover costs and make a decent profit from commercial use of Ning and cross-subsidize genuine non-profit use. As for instance TeamViewer and many others do.

Peter owner of about 15 professional (non profit) and private Ning networks.
For my two sites; one I will consider paying for the service depending on the cost and the other's purpose can be served more efficiently by
In my opinion for me this IS a good measure, they forced me to thoroughly look elswhere. Guess what - after only two days I've already tested two options that look similar, one of them I even consider better than Ning, both option wise and for what you really get for free...
I am a creator of the site the "Better World" and the ad. is So many times I was thinking that why , for what reason they (Ning Team) are giving their services absolutely free ? I was explained in so many ways but was not satisfied ! And few days ago few of my friends started some complaints, so I didn't felt good !Because the people are doing job for nothing taking from you and instead giving Thanks why they are not Happy ? One can do request if not going well but I know it was shameful on their part who had disturbed the team ! After your decision I wanted to quit as I have no income of my own as a fund or any type of pension too ! So I declared that I will work with my friends if they will allow me to work free ! To give Time is a great thing for me as I am spending and I have to as load of mails 5 to 6 hours on net ! So I thought other way that now God wants me to do more and more to go within and to make my soul like a Diamond with all sadhanas ! But one of my friend came forward and asked me not to quit but He will pay for me for at least one year ! So I was happy that I will have some time to download important things form my site to my Computer ! So about Your decision I can not say any thing because so many friends will quit if the New Premium sites will ask from the members, then few precious one may quit the site and will go to some other sites who may be allowing free for Members ! But on looooooong run they may ask when the new member will get their registration ! Thanks for your Kind support so far you have given ! God Bless you and your whole team ! With Lots of Love and Light of our Masters, So we have decided to continue as A premium site .............. and we will be with you and will be taking best services from you !

Dr. Sohiniben Shukla.
"(...) Here I ask very open........what have the owner of a site to pay every month? Can the members stay for free? (...)"

1. We don't know yet. It will all be revealed on May 4.

2. There is no indication whatsoever that Ning intends to make members pay, not even the now happily departed Gina Bianchini was daft enough to consider that.

One of the few things that are already clear now, is that Ning refers to network owners when talking about paying/premium. There are some scaremongers on this forum who holler that "everybody will have to pay", but Ning says nothing of the kind. Do not take the whiners and scaremongers seriously - they either can't read at all, or they are unable to understand what they read. When signing up all of them have agreed with the TOS telling them that Ning can discontinu any part of its service at any time, but now that's actually happening they seem to have "forgotten" what they agreed to.

I truly believe that all this hullabaloo and loudmouthed indignation started and still continues because hardly anybody has read the TOS before agreeing with it, let alone understood it. Those who scream the loudest are usually the ones who read and/or understood the least.

Anyway, only network owners will have to pay a (yet unknown) amount for keeping their sites up.

Be well!

Jaap Verduijn.
It seems to me that many are assuming if they already own 'premium' NING sites for $10/month or so, that none of this will effect them. I for one am not assuming that the current premium fees will remain the same as they are now. I personally suspect the entire pricing structure and bundles will be changed and increased.

I have no problem with paying $10 or $20 per month to keep my site going, but if NING decides to start charging a whole lot then I'd likely have to move elsewhere. it's the waiting another 2 weeks without having a clue what they will charge that is so terribly frustrating. Don't know whether to start packing my bags or heaving a sigh of relief.
"(...) I for one am not assuming that the current premium fees will remain the same as they are now (...)"

Oh dear! For the first time we seem to agree on something!

Jaap Verduijn.
l already signed the petition and got my friends and members to do it too.
They cannot cuz all of us. there are like 2.5 milion free networks.
lf they do delete my sites l'm deleting my whole ning account. l'm sure a lot of people will do the same. a lot of them only stay here because of the free sites and ning will lose a lot.

P.S. and one more thing. Does anyone know why they want to delete the free networks?
I definitely signed and promo'd! Great idea! I wish they could at least have a grandfather clause for those of us who have put in alot of time and effort into our sites, I mean all the free sites were used to promote ning and make it what it is today, I hate feeling used........argh.......



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