How to remove the no.  which is shown on the log in or sign up page about the no. of members on my site?

Have a great day



Try this in your advanced CSS:

Sign-Up Page Code

.xg_widget_main_authorization_signUp.account p.dy-right {display:none!important;}


Page Code

.xg_widget_main_authorization_signIn .signin-about .dy-right {display:none!important;}




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Hi there!

I was trying to find where I thought I had written a tip on this, but couldn't find it. It may be in the Premium Tips. Try this in your advanced CSS:

SignUp Page

.xg_widget_main_authorization_signUp.account p.dy-right {display:none!important;}


SignIn Page

.xg_widget_main_authorization_signIn .signin-about .dy-right {display:none!important;}




hii Jen

I used the code which you gave but it does not work for me..the no. is still showing on both the page..

Have you placed them at the bottom of your CSS codes???  It worked for me
hey its working now..thanks.:-)


If this is the case, you likely have an error in your CSS. If you added to bottom like Deb suggested, the error is above the code you added. Look for missing left and right curly brackets { }.


Update: I just checked your site, and it's working for me on SignIn and SignUp. You probably didn't wait long enough. When you first make a change like this, and sign out - - it takes about 20-30 minutes for the signed out version to catch up with the signed in version.




thanks Jen its working now...thanks.........:-)


have a great day..

I edited the title of your discussion, so others could find it, too.

Best Regards,


thaks Jen

Sorry Jen my members count is still visible when I check my sign in.

Well it's late time for bed for me 

Good night and I'll check this out tomorrow

My SignIn works No member count

although my SignUp shows my member count????


To make sure, I tested here on JenSocial, and it's working. About to remove it though. Let me know.



If you made the change and signed out, it would take about 30 minutes for your signed out changes to show.

Let me know,




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