hi jen/ members,

can't seem to find this tip anywhere. how to place a vertical banner side by side with clickable image with links,

like the image below.

is this part of vip?


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Hi Wave Avenue,

No, not part of VIP tips. This should be fairly simple to do. As long as your Text Box width is wide enough for both banners, this should work.

<div style="float:left;">banner ad code #1</div><div style="float:left;">banner ad code #2</div>

If your column isn't at least 330px in width, the 2nd banner will wrap and fall underneath the first one.



Right, thanks Jen! I was thinking maybe, left side about 4 separate images and right side banner ad.

Does this help accomplish what you need?


Hi Jen, another question, how do I place 4 separate images on the left side? With its own lines of text below each image?




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