How to Add Invitation Link in Ning 3.0 - plus screencast

Ning 101 Tip - Invitation Link:

I'm not seeing a way for members to invite other potential members (other than Admin), unless we  build the link. If you want to create an Invite Menu Tab:

  • Go to Social Site Manager
  • Sites & Pages
  • Create Page from the first Add button (Linked), so the system creates a menu tab for you.
  • Under Page Type, select "Link".
  • Add your Title: Invite
  • Add the link, changing to
  • Save.
  • THEN, find the tab for Invite in left column.
  • Make it a subtab, and drag/drop where you want it to be placed.
  • Save.

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This is a much needed tip. Thank you.

Brilliant tip, thanks for sharing :)

Awesome, happy this was helpful to you all. Thanks for the feedback!

All set up in my main nav & announced on homepage via new tabbed container (love them). Thanks again Jen :)

Thanks for this, Jen.  Worked like a charm!

Nice to be here again,

Holly (formerly from LEWWWP, working on new site: 7H)



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