My network is pretty small (1100) members and many of them are not as tech savvy as they would like to be. When it comes to candidates for the various elections in the city, they all want to know the same thing: how do I get my campaign out on Basically they need a stronger presence on the network because we currently are the only viable alternative to the usual campaign stuff (posters, mailers, etc etc). So, after I got a call from the VP of the school board, who is up for re-election, asking me to "help" get his website "out there", I came up with this idea......and have made $300 in just a few days! And yes, I borrowed some of NING's verbiage from there "do it for you" service lol. Check it out!

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Hmmm. You've given me much to think about here. Nice work!

Slick ideas! Thanks for sharing with us.


Very interesting. I must say however I am strongly opposed to letting members choose their own profile theme. The case of MySpace versus facebook was settled a long time ago.

But perhaps in your case it's a great idea, probably is. Profitable at least :)



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