I need to give a better look to this square. How I can I center the text and icons with CSS?

Thank you.

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hmmm, not easy. Because of the spans and the fact that the icons are sprites, there is no clean way to do this. You can try playing with this number: 70px. I would call this a patch.


div#welcome-icons.easyclear { margin-right: 70px!important; }




Thanks Jen! Do you know how to expand the text to the right and change the letter with CSS? (Tahoma or Arial...)

I was able to put icons in the center. Thanks!

Did the code above work, or did you find other code to center them?

For some reason the font family won't work. You may try adding the font directly to text via the Language Editor. Seems I remember this being an issue, before. To try in Language Editor:

<span style="font-family:Arial, Tahoma;">your text</span>

To make text area wider:

div#welcome-text { width:570px!important; }



Thanks, I get it!!! 




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