We have two members that advertise their products.  Their products are relevant to our community.  However, is this free advertising and how often do I let them talk about their products.  In the past, I have approved all content as long as it is relevant, but I am beginning to question this policy. Their posts to create some buzz and sometimes even get into my "Top Content".   How do other online administrators handle this?


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Good question. I have a site where my policy is loosely written (I need to improve on mine as well). Here's the jest of it:

  • We do NOT allow advertising except within your Profile Page, or within the following strict parameters: If you would like to drop a link to a site that is related to our site, you are allowed to do this once a week in a Forum or Blog, and only if you add relative content for the site. For example: If you sell pet products, your dropped link will not be allowed unless you add a relative story or helpful content related to pets.
  • Please do not advertise on fellow Member pages.
  • Please do not advertise in status updates or anywhere else on the site, except within the parameters described above.

Same as Jen.  Anything goes on their profile page.  And they can promote their product as long as they are adding content/  There is a difference between "promotion" and "spam."  My philosophy is, i want my site to be a resource for members where they can find info, products, services.  If I allow members to share those things, it will eventually pay off for me when members create more visibility for my site.

@Bill, Great points, thanks!

Thank you for your responses!  Very helpful. 

Happy our input helped!



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