Hi jensocial team ....!

I am using ning pro and can upload videos direclty from my pc. I want to know How can I put Google Adsense Ads in vidoes on my network www.virtualians.pk .

Videos on my network is not shared from any websites I am directly uploadings on my network as I have enough space. So , Can I get benifit form it and put google adsense ads in it?

Waiting for your kindly reply

Thanks and Regards

Irfan Khan


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There is an insertion tip in the VIP Group. But, you have to be careful with Google and Ning. Only 3 ads per web page are allowed. And on Ning, sometimes it's per site. The way most of us have found to insert the ads is via the Custom Code Box.  If you have multiple ads on multiple pages, and ad more than 3 ads within the Custom Code Box using insertion code, sometimes Google counts all of the ads in Custom Code box as part of the 3, even if for display on other pages.





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