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Ning Experts, please reply to open projects, only. We don't want to mix your "expertise ads" with the Project requests. =)

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Not wanting to do this but always interested in new discussions. Thanks.

Thanks, Magic Happens! Always nice to see you.


Hello Jen,

 When I am ready for my site to do as I wish for it to do, I do have the ability, and ,,,well you see I removed all most 200 people...just did not know who they are...and turned down around another 100 to 200 people...I only ask what is your name...not so hard to fill in that line on the form...?

 as of now my 101 sites, are interfaced with a great many companies, and at one of them over 1200 my goal is 1 Million in the next year,,,can I do it..?

 Thank you for the invite, and the offer..

.sin., Henry....

Hi Henry,

Wishing you tremendous success in 2013! 1 Million is quite the goal! =) I hope you do it, that would be very exciting.

Best Regards,


Thank you....if its cool I will hang around here a while longer, just to see what you all have to offer..and maybe I can help you all grow as we grow...

Wishing you the best

Hello Carol,

 how are you doing, as for me I have my Official Site up, and it even got a great deal of positive feedback from people and some how it made google news..

 Companies that turned down my site are now contacting me with a different option....i will share later...its good of you to say hi...thank you...


Hi Jen!!! I have a lot of questions but I don't know how to addittion I have some limitations with the English writting....Well my first question is how do I can to learn to make a themes for design studio? if there are some place in this site where I can to learn about that...I"ll be waiting your help...tks n blessing   

Dear Jen,


I am urgently looking for a professional developer to take my Ning 3.0 network and provide the customisation and integration I need to provide my members with a professional service offering.


Please contact me in this regard.


Rudi Pienaar

Hi Rudi,

I sent you a response via email.



I think I messed up my front page of my site and I need to discuss some improvements with someone who knows ning. I also don't know how to upgrade to 3.0



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