I'd like to completely remove the default ning signin/up box which ive done.

I'd like to replace that with a text box containing an image with an "image map" that will contain links to both the signup and sign in pages.

My question : Is there any way I can have this module visible to guests, then once they have signed in have it hidden?

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I just looked at your site. It looks awesome in FireFox. Are you still having issues?



nope, to be honest not sure why it started working :/ But appreciate all the help!


In case you don't know about this, it was the cache. I apologize for not warning you about that. I completely forgot. When you make a change, sign out, things will be glitchy until the signed-out cache completely catches up with the signed-in version. When I'm designing a site and need to sign out, usually a hard refresh will do the trick. But, I have had times that I wasted hours, when my first tweak was the right tweak, just to discover I forgot to refresh. =)

Glad it's working!


ohh ok, ill keep that in mind in the future! :) Also, is there any way to adjust the code to work in a 3 column layout? Thought I could keep the site simplified with just 2 columns but ive got too much to fit it all ! =P

Sure. Hit me up tomorrow. Need to get some rest.


awesome! no rush

Since you inspired a VIP Tip, took a while to write it, I will pm you the 3 column layout. Let me know if it works.





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