I have a weird problem.  I've got a community for hula hoop dancers and have decided to create a random trick generator to help people come up with new combinations of moves. 


Here's the problem.  On my own profile I can add it to the app My Text Box and it works fine but for anyone else who has to go and add the Text Box to their page, it will not work.  I'm thinking that perhaps the "My Text Box" app has changed and I have an older version that is compatible with the code. 

If you'd like to see how it's working fine on my Profile see it here: http://www.hoopcity.ca/profile/SaFire 

The code is attached as a text file.

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Hi Sandra,

Only Admins can add this type script. So you know, it's been one big confusing issue with Ning and where we can and cannot add scripts. It's changed overnight at times. It's been sporadic at others. And I doubt they would admit it. Not even the Creator or Admins can add scripts to forum discussion text boxes, and that's where I really get confused. It's all for security reasons. If anyone could continue to add scripts like in the earlier days, our sites would be wide open to spammers or possibly real malicious intent.


Will your code work in an iframe? If it will, we could inject the code via the Custom Code box. But, it would be the same "inject" for all members.


Wish I had better news,





I thought it was something like that.


Injecting for all members sounds like it would work but everyone has slight variations for names or little unique moves that they've discovered. So having the option of people being able to add their own move names is crucial to the value of this program. 


Any other ideas?  


I'd love to keep this tool on the site itself and the awesomeness of having it on their individual profile would be amazing. Would someone have the control/power to create an app that people could ass to their profile and allow for scripts?  Or would Ning not allow that app?


I think TJ of http://jqueryhelp.ning.com/ could help. Tell him I sent you. If you don't know TJ, he's an awesome person, and the King of jQuery scripting for Ning Networks.

Best of luck,




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