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Subject: I want to sell my website http://www.arkitextnetworking.ning.com/  - Arkitext Centre



Arkitext Centre is a network Resources for architects, architectural firms and construction professionals, or anyone who wish to join and share their contributions to the environment. This network also exchanges links with architectural organisations and designers, construction industry companies and suppliers. Arkitext Centre is open to all Design professionals – interior, landscape, architectural Contractors and builders, planners and commissioners, Facility managers and stakeholders Built Environment engineers and decision-makers...



I don't have the time to promote it or anything like that.
It is a great great green site with a very good design, great videos and nice photos, forums and blogs with 150 members from all over the world. if you want to change anything, pls don't hesitate to ask away!  
Just need TLC. I have over 6 sites to manage and i'm trying sell off some sites due to financial difficulties and Ning block my network due to unpaid bills...

I'm just thinkin of a MINI plan but my members are not sastisfied with it. I spend over 1000+ dollars on this design and tweaks and it takes effort, time and money to keep it running. 

My lost is your win. Anyone interested, please contact me with offer or who ever can sell this site I give you 10% commission.  Pls. i need some help, thank u  :)





I use ONLY positive words (talking, writing, thinking, feeling). When I need to use a negative word, I always find a POSITIVE one to replace it!  Pls. Consider this post, thank you so much and GB :)


Respecfully yours,



Contact info and email:   http://www.facebook.com/irgeorgellanespecore  



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Help Please! ;) XD



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