Howdy, neighbors...I an a total clutz at these high tech things...and eyes are getting old lol 

Any chance some of you folks could help reform and install this as a landing page on the new platform???
The site has all the goodies available Ning has to offer, Pro-acct.
Installing the landing page is one of the potential plans I thought it was built into the Design unit when WE opted for all the goodies...
I was wrong it seems.

Anyway,...I played around with an image program and made up a couple of images...It needs links for Members to bypass the page-?-and also a way to connect within the image (I think) but getting it installed...I am stalled..

I think it is called Inadequacies...  anyway as I overcome this...inherent problem..I wish you could come and help for a while or much longer ..because neighbor,  your better at this that I am...
Idea :: Perhaps join the site -be a moderator- and help construct with a cooperative plan...for YoUNITY

OK Your turn...


Tell a friend about the wisdom of Kabbalah and how it can enhance your life... Join the YoUNITY discussion group and share the information.


Mutual Bestowal @
Tell a friend'


Our other post here @

Despite all the obstacles WE will reach the goal of YoUNITY.  The great privilege is here to help with this mission toward global YoUNITY . Seven billion people with love for their neighbor could repair the world.
If you feel this connection, Join in and help create this platform


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