Hello Friends,

I have created a site at Grou.ps and I must tel you that I am pretty satisified with what they have to offer. This site is specially good for people who cannot afford to get the features like as present in NING.

There are certain features which caught my eyes
1) Have lot of inbuild theme.
2) Your updates are commentable and likeable as it is in facebook.
3) You have online members tool, Latest members, top contributors, blogs, videos, photos and cool games as well.

I have a premium ning site, but I still wanted to make sure that I could be of some help for people who would want an alternative solution next to ning.

I would personally recommend to go for Grou.ps than to Spruz.
I created a site with spruz but I am not quite comfortable with it though, well everyone has their own opinion.

Hope this helps.

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Here is the website for Grou.ps community and support http://grou.ps/groudotps/home
Well, I setup a grou.ps account Nov 09 and while I agree that its feature rich it is far from stable. The platform goes down regularly without warning. The response times to page requests can be just awful, regularly I get just blank white pages and no content, currently the response time when posting messages can be so slow that it appears as if the broswer has hung, 5 minutes later is seems to work, then next minute its gone again - grrr frustrating, user are having to re types post 2 and 3 times then they just give up. There are many many small bugs which will really annoy your user base e.g. IE8 users, when they create a private message the browser appears to hang, but if you wait a few seconds, then press F5 to refresh the broswer your message appears in the list of sent messages - this results in many people sending messages twice. As they introduce new features they introduce new bugs which as an administrator can become a real pain to deal with. I constantly have to correct my site template as things move all on their own. I have reported many many bugs and few appear to get fixed, those that do can reoccur again. Recently none of my members were getting email notifications of new posts!
So I urge caution on grou.ps at present, its not what I would even call a beta product given its current condition, but maybe it might improve - they seem like a nice team of devlopers but the end result leaves your users very frustrated and administrators even more so. As my teachers used to say, has the potential but could do better!

Just don't even go there!

- It is so slow it regularly crashes. Or as History said it posts twice.
- After 18 months of referrals and complaints, you STILL cannot edit a post. You have to delete and re-enter.
- There is no security or safety. Even the site owner cannot delete a member's account, he has to delete it himself.
- Statistics (like activity points) regularly go up and down, say from 1,000 to 50 and then back up halfway.
- Forums cannot be fully moderated.

There isn't much else that can go wrong really, is there?

As for Ning, all I want is forum/blog/groups; no need for photos/media/music/chat/apps. Apps are for kids and sad people who have nothing to do with their time. Photos/videos are verboten in my network. There is no way I am paying £17.99 a month just for groups when I don't even want the full £2.99 package. But..... ning can't be bothered to answer my requests for a compromise; with 7 days to the free sites deadline. Irresponsible!

So where grou.ps is useless, ning is just plain lazy and unhelpful.

So it looks like my site is going to lapse.
The only thing that I do not like with Grou.ps layouts is the main page width. The center is too narrow, it doesn't show the actual photo or video size when you upload them. Even the individual profiles are the same way...too narrow in the body.
Any solutions to this? Cuz all of the themes available seem to be narrow too.
Did you try these themes - Tam Green, Tam Gray & Wide series? If you know some CSS &Html basics, you can also change the layout from Full Customization. I use an Firefox add-on called as Firebug to edit CSS. I also recommend you to use. It is the best tool for template customization on Grou.ps



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