I provide some yoga networks on NING. These sites are listed in Google Search on Top 10 - but I don't understand one issue: Why are the community blog entries are not listed in the Google Blog Search.

I have read this discussion Google alerts and blog posts  from Jan 2010 -
for example the reply by Phil from the NING staff, - but I am not satisfied with this reply.

For example the Yahoo Sitexplorer listed 7200 links from other pages to one of my NING Yoga network http://mein.yoga-vidya.de - any suggestions ?

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I wish I could help, but I really wouldn't know. Since Phil works for Ning, he would know a lot more about this than I would. Maybe another fellow Network Creator can shed some light for you.
Good luck,
Maybe it will be good to send a ticket to the NING help center. I don't understand why forum discussions are listed - but blog entries not listed.
It seems that the community BLOG feature on a NING network is not accepted as a wordpress, blogger or other blog service by Google BLOG search. This could be the reason why only discussion item, video post and so on are listed in Google - but not the blog feature.



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