First of all, hello to all members I am new in this social.

I am the coordinator of a photographic site on  ning platform. 

For us it would be important to improve the full size view of a picture so that it is centered and there is a background color, I wanted to know if it was possible to change this option by modifying the CSS code or with a JavaScript, or modifying  the html page that opens when you choose to see a photo in full size mode. About the html code, it's enough to enter two simple script in the original code: bgcolor="#444740" and aligned="center" as in the picture below

The result will be from this

To this 

Thank you for help

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No way??

Please provide a link to photo where this occurs. Ning automatically sizes images to a max/min size, depending on page or module. We can likely override this setting via CSS. But I need to see a live working example.



Thank you Jen, actually, we would like to change full size viwe for all the pictures. Now, when you want to see an image larger

ning opens an another window ( where the photo is on the left of the screen and the background is transparent (white), for us it would be usefull if the photo was automatically centered and the background of the screen was gray to see it better. We are trying to find the command that opens the new window to edit it or to use a javascript that opens the picture in a different way

What is the module of page???

Thanks for clarifying. To my knowledge, this can't be changed. It's simply opening a file, not an HTML page. Therefore, there is no way to style it. You would probably have to hire a designer/developer to do something like: replace the current "View Full Size" with a different application - - using javascript like you mentioned above. I don't even know if it's possible.

Sorry, wish I had better news,


Thanks to you Jen! Especially for letting me explain why I can not do this thingThe fact is that we do not understand where is the command to insert some javascript and I thought someone knews it. If I go in the lenguage editor at th item 'view full size' there is a huge code, if we insert somthing there? I know that this is something more particular than usual things and I thank you again

Script goes in your Custom Code Box. But, the image link for "Full View" is just an image, not HTML. So the only way to script this is to script the link itself. I don't know if it can be done.

Best Regards,




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