Hi can anyone tell me if it would be hard to implement the way forums on here look on my site?

And if so how? No coding experience..

Also while I'm here, when memb ers click an email notification from the site about a reply to their message or comment or whatever they  get this message:

We're sorry, we are having an issue with this page. Follow this link to the main page.

If you get this message again, please let us know.

Any ideas and thanks!

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Sorry I missed this discussion. Forums on 2.0 and 3.0 are very different, the layout. Without customization, not much can be changed. And, even then, the forum discussion count for replies as in 2.0, would be a challenge to do in 3.0. Best way I know how to say it, they're just different.

On the member email link, can't imagine why that's happening. I would report this as a bug.

Sorry, know I didn't really help on this.

Best of luck,




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