Hey guys,


I posted this on creators.ning.com but haven't got any help yet....hopefully someone here would be able to assist....thanks!!


I was wondering if it is possible to disable the 'featured photo' option from the drop-down list while viewing photos for regular members. Basically, as an administrator, I still want to have the ability to feature photos (the good ones) so that they show up on the homepage.... but I don't want regular members to have this ability. Is this possible??


Also, had another question regarding the photo module slideshow that one can add on the main page..... what css code do i need to either change the color or remove the border altogether around the photo slideshow.


Your help is greatly appreciated... Arjun

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Hi Arjun, I believe that the drop down menu is available only for admins. Regular members does not have access to it or will not see it. Check out the photo page here on jensocial http://jensocial.com/photo/ see if you are seeing this drop down list. Regarding styling's on photo module you can directly edit it using design studio. On your network click the little box on the upper left then go to customize>media players then do your thing. :)

Thanks for clarifying about the drop down menu.


Regarding the photo module question.... I had noooo idea that even the photo module was part of "media player" config... can't believe i spent hours trying to change the colour using css when it was only a click of a button away lol


Thank you sooo much!!



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