I was wondering if anyone knows whether it is possible to have the "you've been invited" notification show on all the pages. I think this would lead to many more RSVP's for events. Currently, the notification is only visible to the invitee if they visit the actual event page; That means if people don't click the link in the generated email, they may not remember they were invited by the time they visit the network. Thus they will not RSVP whether they intend to attend or not.  I've attached a screenshot....


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I wouldn't know how to make this happen. Maybe someone else will.

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I like to style number of inbox messages, friend requests with a distinct color (in my case red). Still need to style the "x group invites" message.

Hi :)


No, on my networks the displayed number of messages in your inbox or friend invites, are styled with a red color to really make this number stand out. When there are no messages or friend invites there is no number displayed so everything looks normal. It's a good way to alert people to their messages.


I still need to figure out if I can style the group invites that displays in the right hand column (where ever you are on the network).

Like right now I have 2 group invites ....UPS, head turning 360º, only realizing this just now as I'm writing it :)))

Yeah, they only need to look to facebook. It's not like they HAVE to venture unchartered seas to do this. Instead there is confusion across the board. One recipe for event notifications, another for group notifications and yet a third for message notifications and friend invites.

Hey Hub, 

I have an idea for you, but you will have to test it out because I don't have any outstanding invites.   If you have an outstanding one does it show up on the list of "my events"?   If so you can use an RSS feed like RSS Include that I used in tabbed member/group tip and put it in the right column (or whichever one you have that shows on every page).

Here's a quicky of  what it might look like, its not ideal, but its on every page, and maybe if a new one pops up it will get their attention.

Worth a shot.  Events need a lot of work in general.



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