Hi All... :)

I was directed here when I asked about being able to allow our members customize their "My Page" so that there could be a text box for them to add info about themselves.

Is it possible to add a simple text box to their member page for the 3.0 version?

Lora :)

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Hi Lora,

You came to the right place!  We do have an app that lets Members add information about themselves to a text box that is very similar to the current Ning version's Profile TextBox.  It's not officially released yet but is running on a few Ning 3.0 sites.  We'll have more information and pricing available soon!

Best wishes!


Hi TJ,


If you could pass that same information onto me it would be great. I am also looking for something similar for my members profiles.


Best regards,




Looks like you have some more interest in this app. Please let us know if you see this.



Am also interested in this.



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