Classic Snow Script by Ivan Lazarevic (formatted for Ning Network)

jQuery Snow Falling plugin - written by Ivan Lazarevic


Classic Snow Script

Since the snowy Holidays have come and gone, I was in the process of removing the snow script from JenSocial, and thought, hmmm, I might want to use this down the road. I had the script running through the holidays - - it generates nice classic snowflakes falling from the top of the site. Obviously, the Developer: Ivan, is very talented. To my knowledge, this script caused no site issues. The site loaded the same, and smooth sailing.


Installation Instructions:

  • The code below is Ivan's code, formatted for a Ning Network.
  • Add the script below to your Custom Code Box via: My Network/Tools/Custom Code
  • You can adjust the snowflake parameters:

minSize - min size of snowflake

10 by default maxSize - max size of snowflake

20 by default newOn - frequency in ms of appearing of new snowflake

500 by default flakeColor - color of snowflake, #FFFFFF by default


<script src=""></script>

x$(document).ready( function(){
x$.fn.snow({ minSize: 5, maxSize: 50, newOn: 1000, flakeColor: '#FFFFFF' });

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always something for everybody...@ JenSocial


Have a great weekend!

Is there a code for the 3.0 program?


I haven't tested this in Ning 3.0. But it should work if you add to the Custom Code Box, the bottom one.

Let us know,


Yes it works Jen.

I can't get this to work.

I open the Design Studio,  open Advanced and add the code to the 

add Custom CSS box and publish.  

Am I missing something.  So far the only code that has worked is

the fixed background code:   

body {background-attachment:fixed!important;}


The Custom CSS box is for CSS/styles - - all attributes applied to the site Design utilizing the CSS selectors for things like font colors, font size, margins, padding, background color, and a ton more.

The Custom Code box (when this tip was created) is for code like scripts.

If you read the instructions carefully you'll see:

Add the script below to your Custom Code Box via: My Network/Tools/Custom Code

Hope that helps,


so how are scripts applied now?  I am a new admin on the site and don't see: My Network tab/button.

Hi Steve,

If you are on Ning 2.0, only the Creator of site can see the special Custom Code Box. Administrators cannot.

Best Regards,



Thanks for the replies. I finally figured that out.
Man I thought I was going crazy. I have the NC's info now and
will give this a shot.

I hear you. =) Great, and good luck!



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