I wonder if there is a way to select my business listings forum and change the heading text from .headline h3 to .headline h4 or h5?

This is the page where you can see the business listing. I would like a more compact listing as it appears on the side column as well on other pages. http://susandaniels.ning.com/gold-star-list

I know how to change the over all text size for .headline h3 but not for one or two specific forums. Here is what it looks like now on a side column. http://susandaniels.ning.com/gold-stars

For this, I want it to look more like the size of the text in the activity feed. It would be nice to have it rolling as well, if that's possible.

Thanks for any suggestions.



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Hi Susan,

Sorry I missed this. I'm not positive what all you're asking. If you want to control the Header H3 size for JUST a page, capture your body class selector name. For example, on the page: http://susandaniels.ning.com/gold-star-list, to change your Forum Header H3, use this CSS:

body.page-gold-star-list div.headline h3  {
   font-size: 16px!important;

Hope that helps,




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