Beta: Member Sign In/Sign Up with Facebook, Google, Yahoo on JenSocial!

We're happy to announce you can now sign-in/sign-up to JenSocial, using your Facebook, Google, or Yahoo accounts!


JenSocial is part of the Ning Beta for testing Member Sign-In/Sign-Up using Facebook, Google, and Yahoo. The new feature should roll out soon for all Ning Networks. If you want to try it out now, we'd love to hear your thoughts, and especially if you experience any issues.


Member Steps for Testing New Sign-In Feature:

  • Sign-out
  • Go to the Sign-In Page
  • Click on one of the new sign-in buttons, and sync-up your member account with your selected sign-in service.

This feature is in Beta. If you experience issues signing in, you should be able to sign-in with your original email (username) and password.


Let us know what you think!




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Not yet, but they did answer my initial ticket. So, it should be in the works.



Hi Jen

Not checked this for a while, but can confirm that the Like2Link app is now working on your site. Did Ning provide any details of what they did to fix this.

Thanks, Ken

Hi Ken,

You're quick, LOL. It just happened late yesterday afternoon. Actually had a note to write you. :-) It had to do with my IP address being .69 and something about being blocked due to new proxy settings. Here's the comment from Support Team "...but our typical IP is—we just did not have some proxies in place to allow access to OpenSocial apps that we have since fixed. "


Anyhow, apparently this happened when another update was made and was a special case. Ning's Lead Engineer got involved, and fortunately looks like we're good to go now.

Happy Holidays,


Hi Jen

That's a coincidence and great news that they've identified and fixed the problem.

Happy Christmas to you too

Thanks, Ken

This new feature is awesome!! I joined jensocial today using my Facebook account login. I can not wait to have in my network. 

Thank you

Haitians United for Haiti,

Thanks for your input. It really is pretty great.




Hello Jen,


How does this work with spammers? I have my network set up where I have questions and final approval or decline of who joins the network is this still there even with this feature ON?

Hi Haiti FM,

Yes, I believe your options will still be in place. When I tested it, it took me to the profile questions after I used my FB signup credentials. So, after they signin with one of the 3, they should be directed to their profile question page. This just saves that step of adding email account, and gives that little boost of security and trust for a lot of people.





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