Beta: Member Sign In/Sign Up with Facebook, Google, Yahoo on JenSocial!

We're happy to announce you can now sign-in/sign-up to JenSocial, using your Facebook, Google, or Yahoo accounts!


JenSocial is part of the Ning Beta for testing Member Sign-In/Sign-Up using Facebook, Google, and Yahoo. The new feature should roll out soon for all Ning Networks. If you want to try it out now, we'd love to hear your thoughts, and especially if you experience any issues.


Member Steps for Testing New Sign-In Feature:

  • Sign-out
  • Go to the Sign-In Page
  • Click on one of the new sign-in buttons, and sync-up your member account with your selected sign-in service.

This feature is in Beta. If you experience issues signing in, you should be able to sign-in with your original email (username) and password.


Let us know what you think!




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Hi Jen! been a while since i have been here.. i like what you have done here and also i got to use the facebook and yahoo login features..  How can i get this on my network.. ??

This is only available on Ning BETA testing sites

We will be soon getting this too

Great to see you, and thank you!


Like Lil Ace said, this will be rolled out to all Ning sites, soon.




I think this will be an excellent and needed feature on networks for potential new members. It will increase signups. However, an existing member might find it confusing. Since a lot of existing members sign up with one email address on our network and a totally different one for facebook, google and yahoo (as I do)...when they attempt to signin with their existing Facebook addy, they will be treated as a totally new member. Am I the only one confused with this? How is that going to work...members will likely end up with multiple profiles.

Hi Tom,

If I'm understanding you correctly, this is very interesting, and a definite concern. But, I don't see a way around it, short of instructions to existing members. If the emails are completely different and the root of the issue, there's no way programmatically to flag or for the app to know the same person owns both emails.


But I definitely agree, something we need to think through with how we warn existing members.

Thanks for your input,


TWO of my sites are hanging here for a few days already!
it is not even possible to re-get is a garbage even bigger and more expeditious than extremely Ning! is more serious than Ning! in a short time because we can not "recover" their sites to make them migrate elsewhere!


Hi Jen. Does it post information back to Facebook automatically if you sign up with FB? I guess I'll just check FB after I finish this sentence :)

This is so cool. Cannot wait for it to roll out 

Hi Jen - I echo everyones excitement about this - can't wait to have it on our Network.

However, it might be a coincidence but Ning apps seem to not be working on the site now.  Our own Ning Profile App - Like2Link, loads fine on every Ning other site we've tested on, however it's failing to run on JenSocial.

Can't see why it would run everywhere else and I'm wondering if this could be due to the changes made on your site to support Facebook login?  I'd be really grateful if some other creators could try adding the Like2Link app on their sites to establish if the problem only occurs on JenSocial.

Thanks, Ken 


I agree, it could be the new sign-in. Although, I remember maps not loading a while back, and I thought it was just that day. Then, I badly wanted to use the APPS.IO app for enabling "Questions/Answers", and it would not load.


Appears Ning apps are not running on JenSocial. Thanks for the head's up. I've already submitted a support ticket. ;-)




Hi Jen 


Further update on this - I've tested the Like2Link on Creators which now has the new sign-in and everything works fine.  Did you get an answer from Ning as to why Profile Apps are not working on Jensocial?


Thanks, Ken  



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