Beta: Member Sign In/Sign Up with Facebook, Google, Yahoo on JenSocial!

We're happy to announce you can now sign-in/sign-up to JenSocial, using your Facebook, Google, or Yahoo accounts!


JenSocial is part of the Ning Beta for testing Member Sign-In/Sign-Up using Facebook, Google, and Yahoo. The new feature should roll out soon for all Ning Networks. If you want to try it out now, we'd love to hear your thoughts, and especially if you experience any issues.


Member Steps for Testing New Sign-In Feature:

  • Sign-out
  • Go to the Sign-In Page
  • Click on one of the new sign-in buttons, and sync-up your member account with your selected sign-in service.

This feature is in Beta. If you experience issues signing in, you should be able to sign-in with your original email (username) and password.


Let us know what you think!




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Awesome! I did notice that it sat still (and blank) for a few minutes before logging me into Facebook after I clicked the "Allow" button, which might be off-putting for some people who aren't as tech-savvy, who might think it's not working.

Thanks! Definitely something we need to let Ning know about.

Nite all,



You're welcome. I am using Firefox on Windows 7, BTW. It might help to keep track of this kind of stuff when you let them know... Or do you want me to mention it? Night!

If you want to report this on the Creator site, sure, that would be great! As long as we get the messages to Ning.


Said I was signing off early tonight, LOL. I'm such a Geek, hehe.


This time, I really am going to exit.

Thanks again,


I'll go report it now:)

Awesome! Thanks.

LOL, thanks Thunder-X!

You're welcome Jen. While testing this on my network, I forgot I have a separate (member) profile. Logging in with my Yahoo! account allowed me to experience the new log in from a member's perspective. I'm really liking this.

Me too, and I notice the member sign-ups are increasing, very quickly.

It worked fine for me. Going over to facebook to check the app. This is a great feature, I'm excited!

Thanks! I really appreciate the input. It really is an awesome feature.

Have a great night,




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