Is it possible to move disscussions from one discussion group to another?

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Interesting question...I assume you mean to delete a group-then merge the info of that one group into another?

Not that I know of.

There's basically no group management with Ning. It should be as easy as moving a forum thread from one category to another, but it's not.

My forum has been open to all, and it is now full of expert knowledge and advice. Wanted to move this knowledge to another group and monitize it, but still keep a free discussion area. If I make the discussions private, then google will not inex it and traffic falls. I understand ning is allowing us to create user classes, if thats the case why not allow users to determine if they want there posts public or private much like FB. I dont like the fact that groups are either public or private if private you can post to FB or twitter but no one can view it.

We cant move it.



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