You can't right click save image, only right click save HTML in Chrome.  I am uploading 100s of photos for the members to download from a photoshoot, and they can't, wish I would have caught this sooner :/.

I can get to the original photo by viewing the source code, but I don't know how to let the average user be able to get the full resolution version of their photos?

Jen and others, any ideas?  I'm about to have a mutiny! LOL

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Hi Katie,

One thought would be to use my free code to add a "View Full Size" link under each photo on their photo details page where Members leave their comments.  Then a Member could right-click that link and choose Save As... or whatever the link to save a file is on the browser the person is using.

Be sure to read the last post on that discussion, as I made a change to the code.  For some reason I can't edit the Post to update the code in the tip, so I mentioned the code change in my last Reply.

Best wishes!


Thanks! You're the best! =)

TJ - you are awesome, thank you!



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