Due to a recent Ning Security update, this tip stopped working. Ning Engineer: Jon Aquino has fixed the code for us. The tip is now a simple box, with no background as I had before. I actually like it better. It works well and is easy to install.


All you need to do is copy/paste the attached code to a text box on your home page. There are 2 versions, one for wide column and one for a narrow column.


Enjoy, and thanks to Ning Engineer Jon we can use this again!





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Thanks, I think this is awesome I have have no idea on how to ad it to the site, any help please

Like I see the codes just have no idea on where to put them or how to place them, thanks
Yeah, I need to update this and add more details. The attached text file labeled:
StatusHomePageTextBox.txt contains the example code that you will add to a home page content box, in center wide column.

The attached text file labeled:

Is the code that you need to add to My Network/Settings/Appearance/Advanced CSS.

And the last file that is attached is probably the best one to use:
It has both the CSS and text box within it, and explains where to place the code.

I want to warn you though, although I agree this tip needs more details, the short instructions are at top of the tip. And if you have never added code to Advanced CSS, you may not want to try this tip.

Good luck and hope it works out well for you.
Thanks but Im a goof I guess, I placed the codes in the advanced CSS like you said and nothing shows up and even at times they just were not there after I saved it anyway, was just trying to do a status update feature like facebook and twitter.

thanks again,
Ah not sure if I did it right but for some reason it wasn't working in the advanced CSS box but did however work in the Text box and now I have it up in the front of the site working, it's pretty neat but still kinda wanted it like fb and ms, thats probably no option to do I guess and also a "Sign In" with facebook would be cool at some point. Thanks = ]

With this code, I update my Twitter & Facebook status ?

No, sorry. I've never been able to get the twitter and facebook boxes to work with the status update on home page. It just updates the status.



I think you're fine. There is a token #/variable that is within the code, and I feel sure it's different for each site. That's about all I know about it. So far, I doubt many folks have changed it. And, if it's working, I wouldn't worry about it.



You are very welcome.

:-) Jen

If you mean for the text like "

How Goes Your Day?, or whatever you use as your title, just add a span style to the text like this:
<span style="font-size:12px;">your title</span>

For the font size within the status update box, search for:
<textarea style=
AND change to:
<textarea style="font-size:12px;

You only have 140 characters, just like Twitter.



Did you try editing the code? I changed a few things via FireBug, and it's better. You need to experiment with the code. ;-)


<div id="status_wrap">
<form method="post" action="/profiles/profile/setStatus">
<div class="input input-status xj_input_container"><input type="hidden" name="xg_token" value="de147cb05a04970322c7e3174fa2a48b">
<div style="padding-top: 15px;" class="input-container">
<textarea style="margin-left: 8px; margin-top: -5px; overflow: hidden; display: block; width: 435px; border: 1px solid rgb(192, 192, 192); height: 38px; line-height: 1em;" cols="68" rows="2" class="text xj_hint xj_status_input hint" name="status"></textarea>
<button style="float: right; color: rgb(255, 255, 255) ! important; background-color: transparent ! important; border: 0px none; margin-top: -32px; padding-right: 18px;"><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;</b>UPDATE</button></div>


I'm not sure that's all of your code, but notice the line-height is changed from 2.0em to 1.0em, margin-top for the word UPDATE changed, and height changed to: 38px






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