Due to a recent Ning Security update, this tip stopped working. Ning Engineer: Jon Aquino has fixed the code for us. The tip is now a simple box, with no background as I had before. I actually like it better. It works well and is easy to install.


All you need to do is copy/paste the attached code to a text box on your home page. There are 2 versions, one for wide column and one for a narrow column.


Enjoy, and thanks to Ning Engineer Jon we can use this again!





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It just hit me. If this code doesn't work on the Ning sites who are Beta Testers, it's likely to break once July 20th gets here. I suggest not using this code until after the 20th.
thanks. i'm waiting.
Jen , l have a tweet button on my browser that lets me tweet anyone's page.
Yeah, the Browser add-ons can really be nice!
Then the color can be changed? That would also look good with the color of your main page, and can be change whenever a new theme color is added. Hope l can do that. But l will be just as happy with the red.
Okay, well, if l have trouble l can bug Jen. lol. But you explain this good.Thank you.
Hi Lylux,
Thank you for helping out! It's much appreciated. I'm trying to catch up on all the questions.
Thanks again!
oops, not seeing your image with the tinypic link.
Hi Jen, I love this tip and had no problems implementing it, thanks! However I just thought I'd mention that when I view either the jensocial.com home page or my own test page in IE7, this is how the Status Box displays;

Also, in Google Chrome this is how it displays;

Any chance there's a way to adjust this? Linda
rut-ro! Not doing this for me, so not sure how to adjust. I will try tomorrow, though.
Thanks for the head's up,



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