Due to a recent Ning Security update, this tip stopped working. Ning Engineer: Jon Aquino has fixed the code for us. The tip is now a simple box, with no background as I had before. I actually like it better. It works well and is easy to install.


All you need to do is copy/paste the attached code to a text box on your home page. There are 2 versions, one for wide column and one for a narrow column.


Enjoy, and thanks to Ning Engineer Jon we can use this again!





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Jen, how do we get our own token? I think I figured out what it is for. Posted an update first on your site, then on my site, and then on blesspod. After posting on blesspod, my status updates disappeared from the activity feeds here and on my site. Which makes sense since I used the code/token from blesspod. Will not affect my members unless they are members of multiple ning sites using this hack.
Sorry, been busy for 2-3 hours with serious leaking ceiling!

I would say that you should go to a profile page on your site, and "Inspect" the Status box code with Firebug. The token number for your site should be within that code.

Hope that helps,
would send to facebook work?
This is the Status Box on our Profile Pages that has a Twitter Button. I could not get the Twitter button code to work on the home page, for this special Status box. Facebook isn't offered on the original.
Facebook is offered if you are using the facebook app......unfortunately it is down on my site
Thank You.
IT's works. On Pieronymus Art Network.
which part exactly do I need to copy and paste on the status update wide fixed?  I see a massive page worth of code, but I am unsure which is the part needed?

Best I remember, you need to copy/paste all of the code into a text box, for either the wide column or narrow column. Does that make sense? Be sure to click on the HTML button within the Text Box Editor.


Hang on a second, let me look at the text file for wide. brb.



Yes, just add all of the code to a text box, one or the other.



hmm. there are two files, what goes where, please?
The 2 files should be attached to the original discussion. There is one for a wide text box (should be in instructions), and one for Advanced CSS.
Let me know,



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