While the "like" feature is a great feature, I think it comes of kind of plain in the activity feed. It's like "xyz like/favorited/promoted abc's blog post A Tip For You" . Quite plain indeed.

To add this, here is what you do. Go to your language editor and search for the word liked.

Here's what comes up in mine:

In that last green box, scroll down until you start seeing the language for like/favorite/promote, as seen in this screenshot:



In the case of discussions, look for this line: $a['Y_AND_X_MEMBERS_PROMOTED_TOPIC_Y1']['1'] = '%2$s promoted <a %6$s>%5$s\'s</a> discussion \'%4$s\'';


Change the word discussion with this: <a class="xg_sprite xg_sprite-discussion">

Copy and repeat for the other 3 instances of members promoting discussions. That's it! You're done and should now see the icons in you feed. 

Change the word discussion to -blog, -group, and -event for those corresponding actions. I tried to add it for the photos and videos but those words are links in the feed and I don't know how to change em. Besides, vids, photos and profiles get a thumbnail w/ them so you really don't need them. Discussions, blogs, events and groups only get links so this tip works best to spruce those up. 


Okay, that's it! I hope someone finds this tip useful. I may go ahead and change more stuff to use these links....like for replies and stuff like that but idk just yet. I like the idea of it only being for promotions/likes/favorites.



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Now, how did you come up with this?! This is so unique - - truly an awesome and ingenious idea. Thank you for sharing.

Best Regards,


Great stuff md. I've never thought to do this, or go this route. Maybe in the future I can hop in there with you and collaborate on a nice tip or two. Right now I'm overwhelmed with a difficult move I'm having to make, and juggling work and family.

Have a great week,




off topic - I always think that calender sprite is a keyboard on fire , LOL

You are amazing!

I wonder can I add HTML in other text fileds too? I mean not in that very BIG filed. Or it depends on where to show these text? 

I can't change anything in in that very BIG filed. Always fail and I don't know why? Always say something missing. I guess it's because of Chinese.



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