A few months back, after ning changed to 3.0, I decided to perm. move off ning because i didn't like the idea at all, actually I left around the time glam social bought ning.

However, I just recently found wall.fm which is a way better and cool ning alternative, and for starter packages its only 19.90 USD, and is based on oxwall.org open source software, which is free with no license.

There is also a free invite code plan with no chat option. I have invite codes to give to those on ning who would like to move and you can link your domain almost instantly if you have already bought it.

Ignore that, people! lol Wall.fm is a splendid society for people that want to pay too much for Oxwall software, want limited plugins and themes, and even if you get your own oxwall installed, you'll pay at least $150 at some point to get the greatest plugins and themes, and when you find out that buddypress/wordpress has all that for free, you'll feel like a chump for not decorating for halloween early like I did lol Buddypress even has a ning import site tool. Not sure how to install wordpress / buddypress? I will be writing a tut for new users, and also will allow you to run a trial or create a one subdomain hosting package for you that is buddypress. You get to play with it all you want, put your own content in it and find out what seperates it from every other social network out there.

I just thought I would update this topic now that I am wall.fm and oxwall social network FREE. No more paying! No more limitations! I pay for my site hosting plans that cost me every three months of 28.95, and that's it. Choose siteground.com, choose sanity.

TestDrive my Sites:

Forest Home - Buddypress Pagan Community for pagan writer's and socialists


Social Buddies:


Main Wordpress Blog:


May at some point add buddypress for customers who host trials and have hosting with us on our sub domain so that people can see our clients.

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Thank you for posting this info, Vamp....it's good to know!    :)

But when I click on your creatorshub link, it says 'network not found'.  Is it possible to see your network on wall.fm ?

Best wishes...

Sorry about the link haven't had time to update. I now have hosting at siteground ;) and I am not using oxwall atm, I just destroyed it, due to the blogs and forums not having an rss like buddypress/wordpress - what I updated too. Creator's Hub is gone for now, but you can view the demo on oxwall.org if you like.

http://oxwall.org same setup as wall.fm networks, same old themes, same everything, boring css. Ning and spruz have better css to tinker with. But Wordpress has way better themes, and with the plugins community with wordpress/buddypress it's much easier to work with, and half the bandwith. Nothing really for videos yet but they are working on it and now wordpress/buddypres comes with groups, users can join and create their own site, plus their own profile on your buddypress now. That's very awesome.

So I am selling low income hosting for ning people, spruz people who want a better alternative.

Uh, ok.   lol.   Well can you show us anything cool that's been done on Buddypress then, as a ning alternative?   Thanks!    :)

 Sure! http://buddypress.org Is a plugin that is put into a wordpress installation on a site like siteground.com. You can also test drive my buddypress at http://socialbuddies.paganjourneys.net this one is open for everyone, so feel free to sign and test drive the buddypress, you can edit delete your profiles if you don't want to stay, still I wish you'd stay. I like friends!

Hi PJ,  I tried to register and join yuour buddy press site, but I get a 404 message when I click the links to register: http://socialbuddies.paganjourneys.net/register/

Let me know...    :)

 Yes I will have to email invite you or give you a Invite code. Was working on that last night, I will email you one here via Jen's if that's ok.

You can visit my profile here: http://socialbuddies.paganjourneys.net/members/admin/. and once if I am online, you give me your email address I can invite you this way. It has an open register but only for people you can invite by email address. I see that I can also create invite codes, but it is just the code. I am working on getting better register plugins up over there.

PJ- I just sent you a friend request here, with my email address attached in the message.  Please send me an invite to join your buddypress site so I can check it out, I appreciate it.   Thanks!

Sure, there is a register page up now but I don't know if it works or not. sending soon.

 That is not a very fair site judgement on Buddypress. Buddypress site's MU or other/standalone, do not require allot of calls anymore to the server. You can also use cloudflare with some main domains to speed up the service and the output. Most of all BP plugins are FREE but you can choose to upgrade if you need it. Most of them are cheap as well.

It's cheaper than socialengine and phpfox. A better alt than buddypress and oxwall however is PhpShark and or PHPdolphin or even followly for those that like the facebook/twitter potential and it's cheap for one non commerical site, check out codecanyon.net for more info.

This is a multi user blog network on buddypress: http://vampiresweb.eu

and this is a standalone, non multi user wiki http://vampireswiki.vampiresweb.eu this is just an idea of some of the stuff you can do with buddypress / wordpress self hosted. All themes work now with buddypress and many are based on wikipedia / facebook / twitter / bootstrap and more.

Jen, If I were you I would try http://Ifastnet.com which is $6.99 at the most per month and comes with cloudflare installed as well for your domain and test out buddypress for your users. They used to have a ning 2.0 tool for importing, but ultimate member plugin allows videos and blog posting and pics on a user's front end of their profile, instead of going thru the admin function which can be a security hazard.



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