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Add your Holiday Wish, whether a one-liner, a story - - real or fantasy. That's it! Add your Wish to this Forum, by clicking on Reply, below.

On January 10, 2010, we will select the 3 best Holiday Wishes (real or fantasy). We will start our selection process for all wishes written, after December 14, 2009. A poll will be created, listing the top 3 Wishes. We will provide 3 links below the poll, so members can vote.

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Happy Holidays, and wishing all of you, extra special blessings this year! :-)

Good Luck Everyone!

Even if you know it's not possible, what would be your #1 Holiday Wish? Realistic or Fantasy

If you could wish a Holiday Wish for anything your mind could imagine, what would it be?

You can be selfless, you can make your wish all about you, or for anyone, anything, or any reason. Maybe your wish is something you want to do while you can. Maybe your wish is something you wish you had done.

We want to hear about it. This should be interesting and fun.

Tip: Make your wishes bring you a smile. Don't worry with regrets.

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Oh WOW....a wish? For anything? What would I wish for? hmmmmmmmmm, I would echo some of the wishes I have read so far. Peace on earth, goodwill to all men. That there would be peace in the middle east. Jerusalem would be safe. The return of Yeshua our Messiah. That families everywhere would come together and love without regrets, living in peace and that they would come to understand the importance of one another. That husbands and wives would look at one another and remember why they fell in love. Stop bickering. That children would be safe and learn of the Lord Jesus Christ. That my mother was here one more time, at Christmas, her favorite time of the year. So I could sit and talk and enjoy her company again. Tell her how much I love her, once more. That men and women in umemployment lines would be able to find work again. That they could make it from paycheck to paycheck without worry...possibly even saving again....such a novel idea! That homelessness would be a shame of the past. That hunger would be put far away from us. That those who are wrongly accusesd would be exonerated. That pain would flee from those bound in it and mercy and grace would fall upon us to such a degree that hope would rise within our hearts and we would begin to live in the peace that passess our understanding, even as the world around us reels and rocks. I pray that the Lord bless and keep you all, that He make His face to shine upon us, and grant to us His peace...forevermore. That 2009 and the worries that have come from it will be a distant dream of our past and 2010 will most certainly be a brand new year! I wish the best for everyone....but mostly for peace.
Hi all and a Merry Christmas / Happy New Year

I read in one other post wished that there would be a cure for cancer.

That's an easy wish to fulfill. All it takes is a little will power and a lot of faith in God

What is this wish?


If everybody that reads this website vows to quit smoking, what a wonderful world it would be.

No cancer
No deaths attributable to smoking, such as a stroke, a heart attack, or other respiratory disease

Everybody that vows to quit smoking will have 20 or more years added to his/her life

Everything we know will benefit

People in the arts and sciences will have more time to write, to act in a stage or movie production.
People will enjoy their families and their loved ones instead of subjecting them to heartbreak

Since smoking causes cancer, and since getting rid of smoking will get rid of cancer, we have our holiday wish already here.

Go to

Read this social network thoroughly. Then, feel free to post comments or add to the blog

Happy Holidays
Bob Carper
I want a 40 cup coffee maker!
That my son will take singing lessons haha
My holiday wish is that my ish comes true
My holiday wish would be to be alble to spend time with my Mom in the hospital
its the 21st... to get thru the holidays!
My holiday wish for today is that everyone gets along
I wish I could become like you guys - so smart in creating and designing all these website stuffs! CSS codes & etc are really troubling me!
Love To be Health



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