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Add your Holiday Wish, whether a one-liner, a story - - real or fantasy. That's it! Add your Wish to this Forum, by clicking on Reply, below.

On January 10, 2010, we will select the 3 best Holiday Wishes (real or fantasy). We will start our selection process for all wishes written, after December 14, 2009. A poll will be created, listing the top 3 Wishes. We will provide 3 links below the poll, so members can vote.

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Happy Holidays, and wishing all of you, extra special blessings this year! :-)

Good Luck Everyone!

Even if you know it's not possible, what would be your #1 Holiday Wish? Realistic or Fantasy

If you could wish a Holiday Wish for anything your mind could imagine, what would it be?

You can be selfless, you can make your wish all about you, or for anyone, anything, or any reason. Maybe your wish is something you want to do while you can. Maybe your wish is something you wish you had done.

We want to hear about it. This should be interesting and fun.

Tip: Make your wishes bring you a smile. Don't worry with regrets.

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Love for all ! :)
i wish i could back back to my country
Where i can see my parents, I never see them in 10 years
I wish i could finish college right now
I wish people could be the same
I wish I could send you back home, to see your parents.
My holiday wish for myself is to be able to walk without a cane. Since the economic hard times, insurance benefits are very expensive for the independent. My doctor states that I need a full knee replacement. What I would like Santa to bring me is expansion in my business so that I can pay to walk well again, and live a pain free in my golden years.
I wish I were a wealthy person, and I would pay for your knee surgery.
I wish I could be the best spouse, mother, friend, business partner,family member and encourage others to do the same. Nothing fancy, no catchy phrases... that's my wish. The attached photo is a pic of how happy I will be when I get that.

My wish. . . . Just a simple life, where in that simple i can see my daugther grow up, i can see my wife and me grow old together, with a happy family.
for our family to share more good memories rahter than bad, for our family to enjoy our life.

for my father. . . . . . . this sounds corny but i forgive him and i wish we could have third chance to get close.

and for my final wish. i really wish that our family will be together as it was once before. (we had a kind of broken family for about 9 years)

life is not fair, but we have to do something make it better.

(not aiming the price and contest. these wish are true.)
Dear Santa:
As you know, I've been pretty darned good this year. Ofcourse, not being able to leave the apartment helps. lol
It would be great if you could get me a new back and legs.. and maybe a new lip... but seeing as you can't, the only thing I wish for this year is to be able to make PHMC (Please Help Missing Children) a success.. .to help bring even one child home to the arms of those who long to hold them.

I'm sure you know how PHMC has been this year, finding the devoted and sincerely caring individuals that have been helping. Not only are there people out there circulating, retweeting, and texting the information about the children, now I even have help with the site its self. They are each a true gift. You know how hard I work sitting in this chair day after day, and how driven I am to do all that I can to help get the faces and information of the missing children into the public forum. Well, the people that have stepped up to volunteer have also proven to be so very devoted to trying to help the children who are missing. Our dedication to these precious children is limitless.. we hope, with all of our hearts, that this little web site will in some way, help. And even when we get very tired and worn from facing the horrendous possibilities, we stop and think of THEIR suffering each moment of every day. This gives us even more drive and momentum to move beyond our own saddness and heartache, our own issues.. enabling us to keep at it.

Thank you Santa, for bringing the lap top last year. Without it, I wouldn't be able to do what I am doing.

I hope you have a grand Christmas. Don't each too many cookies.
Blessings to the elves & reindeer
Please Help Missing Children
I wish that the big story I would have to write in 2010 was that all the public animal shelters (the kill shelters) were closing down because ALL the abandoned cats and dogs had been adopted during the 2009 Christmas season and futhermore that the public finally realized that they can stop all this madness by spaying and neutering their pets and only buying from responsible breeders not backyard breeders or pet stores or newspaper ads or websites that inadvertantly support puppy mills. That is my wish for 2010. (Ning Network) and
I wish Ning would give all network creators £/$ 100000,00 for Christmas !!!
You did say fun and unobtainable is ok !!! lol
i Wish that everyone dream coemtru,and the best cristmas wvwr for yuo en you family,doand remember don drink and drive,,save yuo life,save others...
I wish I could stop animal cruelty once and for all!



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