If you know any innovative ecopreneurs like these women in Costa Rica, please let me know who they are. I want to showcase them on my social network!

by Jeanette McDermott ecopaparazzi Posted 10.17.08 Inspired by an original post by Mireille Darras in costaricapages
Nearly 80 percent of the garbage in Costa Rica’s dumps could be recycled, if there were recycling centers throughout the country. To draw attention to the problem some innovative women in Tamarindo went to the local landfill and collected materials for haute couture designer wear. Among their finds for bikinis and ball gowns were inner tube tires, coffee bags and plastic jugs, beer cans, cardboard boxes and aluminum pull rings. The women glued and stitched together some amazing over-the-top fashions and then held a runway show in a trendy night club. The ecopreneurs will use the money raised to begin a recycling program in Tamarindo, one of Costa Rica’s most popular beach towns.

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This hat was made out of the plastic store bags and pretty for garden work.



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