Getting coffee this morning I saw a business that I will be needing in a few months.I walked into the place looked around for a while and drank my medium sized coffee.At this time I realized that no one had approached me.So I walked into the showroom and all five of the salespeople were buzy.I could understand that,it was 11:30 something and that's a good start to the day with that kind of traffic.I walked into the showroom and stood around for another fifteen to twenty minutes,NO ONE APPROACHED ME.I could find a few reasons for why no one approached me to sell there product. Salesmen where with customers and couldn't break away,or they figured that I was being helped.BUT I can't  get passed Why no one said hello or just asked if I was being helped.This was a car dealership.I didn't say what business I was needing at first because I didn't want to make that the focal point.Being in that industry for over twenty years I know that customer service is stressed and stressed but just not on this case.I left without anyone saying a word.I drove off thinking that in these hard economic times everyone would be focussed, that they wouldn't miss any business.I ran off to take care of another matter,if I had time today I would give them try, But I wouldn't buy anything from there unless they made a deal I just couldn't refuse.I just like to keep these types of events in my head to make sure to keep my affairs in order.BE aware.

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