I was rubbing my forehead when I realized that I had over came the worst case scenarios regarding Cafeist network; having to deal with tiring phase of carrying the belongings from the previous home to the new home. And although anything can be changed in terms of moving or stay with Ning decisions, more or less I can be worried and care about something else right now, like why on funky earth my coffee is too sweet this morning.

Cafeist is not a huge network with the still relatively fresh storm of the Ning-Thing (hey, that can be a cute name of a storm, no?) I have prepared both mentally and technically to make up choice: move or stay. Whichever the choice being made, the memberships should remain free. No membership fee to join and or to be a member of Cafeist. I might have been in a ´proud´ mood when I announced that yesterday to the members because I managed to keep my words.

However, when I put my feet in the shoes of some network creators with a huge amount of members like 5 000 or more, or those networks that have been built for years with passion and care but for one or two reasons they will not be able to keep up with the new Ning´s price scheme, this kind of situation that also made me rubbing my forehead. But not in a relief mode like previously mentioned rubbing-the-forehead-motion above.

Having to deal with carrying our countless belongings from previous home, gigantic number of members of the clan, with the same amount of time with the smaller networks with very few belongings and members, the timeline scheduled by the new regime, seems to me that could be something to be worried or to think about. Therefore made me wonder, could it be ´buy-back scheme´ be applied in this situation?

As an illustration, a person has a piece of land as collateral in a bank could not pay back his/her bank credit/loan. The second person has no land and no -or very little- money but he/she want to pay back the collateral. All three parties; the bank, first person and the second person are will be in a wink-wink solution. Now, how she/he -the second person- could do that?

That is what I called as the ´buy-back´ scheme, could be implemented in property kind of projects, can be completely not. It will be depends on which, when and where kind of questions. And in term of buying back the space in cyber-world, I am not going to guarantee that this scheme will successfully work, because it depends on so many things.

While I am rubbing my forehead thinking about something else like; what should I write in the next story line when Crystal having the Queen wondering on the branched paths in the thick fog, should she follow the owl to the uncertain direction in the Cafeist collaborative writing project of the Imaginary City of Pathzi I also still wondering about the amount of sugar I did put in my second cups this morning.

But -this is a big ´but´- BUT, if you want to join the rubbing-the-forehead-motion into the uncertain direction of the ´buy-back scheme´, why don’t you carry along your cup of coffee and join my table

May fun be with you.


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