How a Spirit Changed The Mind of a Skeptic – Confirmation Along My Spiritual Journey

I have written about my journey to this point: from being a complete skeptic to opening two companies with the sole purpose of identifying and promoting ethical spiritual advisors and healers. I have talked about my animal friends and how they have affected my life and my spiritual journey. I make it my business to personally interview potential members of my directory, so I have had the opportunity to meet some pretty special people. Among those special people, is the Reiki Master that offered her services to assist with my mother’s recovery and healing process. She, in particular, was an avenue for my initial introduction to Reiki energy. She encouraged me to take a Reiki I course. Now, this was a difficult decision for me as I thought that it was one thing to believe that someone else could work with healing energy, but for me to do it was a little difficult to imagine.

Someone else very close to me became interested in Reiki and decided to drag me along to a Reiki Healing Circle. It was here that I met some Reiki practitioners and other Reiki Masters. I learned that we had a love of animals in common, as some of them practice Reiki on shelter animals. Well, again the wheels of fate were set into motion and I ended up, feet dragging, taking a Reiki I course. The instructor told me before the class that she had a good feeling about this particular class because it was made up of four animal lovers and she felt the energy was going to be good. Well, she was very right. Upon arrival, we all gave our introductions and I spoke about my businesses and about our non-profit organization, Hope Through Havoc. One young lady told me that she had been looking for a puppy for about two months now. I briefly told her that I had one available for adoption, but that she was in training at the moment. We left the subject to carry on with the Reiki class. During the class, it occurred to me that I may have been prodded into the direction of this course for a reason. Could that reason be that I would learn Animal Reiki and practice on the animals that I rescue? I became intrigued at the idea.

After class was completed and we received our attunements, I began talking to the lady that had been searching for a puppy. She told me that she was looking for a black lab. I thought it quite a coincidence that the puppy I had in mind for her just happened to be a black lab. I then told her that Hope was a very sweet girl, but just needed time to finish her obedience training. It was at this point that she stopped me and said, “Is that really her name?" She said it with such intensity that it sort of took me back. I responded, “Well, yes, but you can change her name.” That young lady stood in front of me and burst into tears. I was completely unsure of what was going on, but she then explained. She had lost a couple beloved animal friends recently and her parents got her a black lab puppy to cheer her up. The puppy met a very tragic death. It truly took quite a toll on her. She had been spending the past few months trying to come out of her grief over the situation. She explained that she finally felt ready to search for another puppy and that she was looking for a black lab that she had planned to name Hope. I got goose bumps. I took this as a sign that I again was moving forward in my awareness and that this Reiki course was indeed in the plan. This was validation of that fact and of my work with Best American Psychics, Best American Healers, and Hope Through Havoc. I find it interesting that such a story was attached to the dog named Hope and that “Hope” was coming to this young lady through this particular dog, especially after all of the havoc she had recently been through. I aim to do my work with Best American Psychics and Best American Healers for the reasons I have already mentioned, but my main hope is that they will fund Hope Through Havoc and the rescue of animals in need. If I can encounter more situations like this, making people happy, saving lives, and completing families, I will be most happy.

So, Reiki – “Really?”...This was the question I asked myself when others were encouraging me to take Reiki I. Well, I have really taken it and am very glad that I did. I intend to use it in my work with animals. I hope I will continue to gain from the universal life force energy.

Best American Psychics/Best American Healers

NOTE: Hope and her adoptive mommy are very happy together!

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Comment by Temple of Our Lady of the Moon on February 11, 2010 at 9:29am
Awesome blog post!


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