There once was a site that could not keep the promise of a free version.
It was a great pity, because it was the best.
Thus, all the admin (very disappointed) that could not afford to upgrade to a paid plan, had to seek other places to escape.


I had my site (RRealnet), and in a hurry after I moved I had seen many sites. socialgo, spruz, wackwall, and others.
A friend advised me to spruz, but I did not like very much. Unfortunately there was not much time, and I followed his advice.
In the meantime I had also tried wackwall, but at that time did not work very well. It looked good, but there were still too many bugs, due to the development stage (beta).
After several months of the bad news of Spruz, who wanted to follow the path of ning (only payment plans)
But I had them early, because I was still trying wackwall, which was proving to be improved. From that moment on, I abandoned spruz, socialgo, etc. ..
Wackwall made tremendous developments since then, changing his name in also added new features, resolved problems, come out of beta, etc. ..
I must admit that while I am fully satisfied, and I'm very well.
I would advise to all those who want to leave ning.
You can easily customize at will, and even the free version offers excellent performance.
In my opinion, is becoming better than ning



Lately, I have the passion to personalize the site, and thought I'd share all the codes for free. For this reason I created  Enjoy Custom, where all the admin can register for free, share their discoveries, customize the site by taking codes, or they can also promote their website


My other sites :





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Little extra info

RRealnet, after all these moves, the street has lostalmost all members (there were about 160) and I confess that I have not worked hard to recover. I was rather amused to create and customize other sites

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