Here's a short list of mistakes that are made by beginners and the non-successful Internet Marketers...

Mistake #1

You have a new product to sell, and instead of building a relationship with people on social sites, you force your product on them wanting them to buy. The Fix: Introduce your self  first and get acquainted find out what they need maybe you can or can't help them.  Let them know that you are willing to help them in their online venture. Then begin talking strategies and programs that will  help them or even the product you have to sell.


As a newbie to the game of online business, many rush the process of learning and not find a routine that works or not give the routine long enough to produce results The Fix: Take your time find a person who is reputable and are not charging a arm and a leg to learn under them. Stick with them for as long as you can learn the process that comforts YOU! Just because old guru Joe works a certain way, it may not be for you.  Find what works for you and stick with it till you master it then move on, If you hate writing don't write.

OK, short and to the point...

Wisdom Key#1

Failure only comes to those who sees failure as an option..... WOW!  

Yes," failure only comes to those who sees failure as an option", stop letting your doubt control your outcome. Frustration, headaches and pain are going to test your being.  Success comes to those who press through, no matter the circumstance.  As long as day and night, hot and cold and the earth remains, there will be seed time and harvest. You must continue to put seed into the ground and wait for the harvest.  Some yield faster than others it's what you tend to the most that will be your best harvest.  So don't give up when the fight gets going press through to your victory.

Till next time, I'll have more wisdom for you..

Be blessed,


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