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So they say

To be their,to share,to care.

To smile just for a while,to laugh and have fun.

To slow down,when your mind playes" reminder "telling you run.

To sunbath at the beach,listen to the ocean sound.

Leting me know Life is worth living without playing a clown.To earn a dollar sometimes 2-"here" my… Continue

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Please my Network is created to enter with respekt for people that lost their Fam.Members and friends

If you enter my Network without a picture and Profile listed to Ning Network I will suspend from my Network,to many fake ID and noname Profiles leave negative Influrance on any Network creator you are welcome at any time you like ,but be real,thanks have a wonderful day and good luck to your own Network here on Ning

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The Poet

If you were a color, you would be the color of a beautyful rainbow If you were a sound, you would be the sound of the best Lovesong If you were a taste, you would be the taste of sweet honey If you were a smell, you would be the smell of thousand red roses Sending my blessings to a Network creators

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You all have a great Monday.greatings from Timy

Added by Tim Janusch on June 6, 2010 at 4:00pm — No Comments


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