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Buddypress Issues

For anyone working on buddypress/wordpress communities for the first time, don't listen to what the pages tell you up top. It says "All Wordpress/Buddypress pages need their own page to function right". Well, sometimes activate won't work if it's not aligned with register page. Just a heads up for anyone who tried to join social buddies, and did not get through, please come back over and try again.

Social Buddies! is…


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Hey Guys!

  I have just updated my page to reflect my current social changes. ;)

I now offer low income pagan hosting to those who would like to try for low incomes. Prices do not range over 35.00 a month!

That is pretty good for those just starting out - we also offer trial monthly hosting for $20.00 a month on trial basis only.

You don't get cpanel access but you get to operate everything inside your installation and content is your own to…


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Ning Alt.

A few months back, after ning changed to 3.0, I decided to perm. move off ning because i didn't like the idea at all, actually I left around the time glam social bought ning.

However, I just recently found which is a way better and cool ning alternative, and for starter packages its only 19.90 USD, and is based on open source software, which is free with no license.

There is also a free invite code plan with no chat option. I have invite codes to give to…


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