Includes: Members, photos, music, videos, forums, blogs, notes, groups, events, birthdays, text box, rss, activity feed, about, description coming soon, leaderboards coming soon and badges coming soon. All Ning module headers can be customized, this way you don't have to spend time digging through the language editor, it's all here. Note for custom titles like RSS, textbox, Leaderboards, you can update them yourself, just click on edit on the home page, even if they are in the site sidebar on the right, skinny column.

This code is considered complete accept for items coming soon which is under development, beta code. Update if you have any suggestions for custom styles or to change location of code, this goes in CSS advanced and is designed to work in latest Ning themes using design studio. To not use design studio themes with this code, if you need it posted we can do that.

.xg_widget_main .module_members .xg_module_head h2:before {content:'Last Active ';}
.xg_widget_main .module_members .xg_module_head h2:after {content:' Today';}
.xg_widget_main .xg_module_activity .xg_module_head h2:after {content:' Feed';}
.xg_widget_main .module_forum .xg_module_head h2:before {content:'Latest ';}
.xg_widget_main .module_forum .xg_module_head h2:after {content:' Activity';}
.xg_widget_main .module_blog .xg_module_head h2:before {content:'New ';}
.xg_widget_main .module_photo .xg_module_head h2:after {content:' Stream';}
.xg_widget_main .music .xg_module_head h2:before {content:'New ';}
.xg_widget_main .music .xg_module_head h2:after {content:' Playlist';}
.xg_widget_main .module_video .xg_module_head h2:before {content:'New ';}
.xg_widget_main .module_groups .xg_module_head h2:before {content:'Last Active ';}
.xg_widget_main .module_events .xg_module_head h2:before {content:'Recent ';}
.xg_widget_main .module_birthdays .xg_module_head h2:before {content:'Recent ';}
.xg_widget_main .module_notes .xg_module_head h2:before {content:'Recent ';}
.xg_widget_main .module_about .xg_module_head h2:after {content:' Site Name';}

If you want this for profiles, just let us know. change anything you like, works well.

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