From Tag Cloud Generator page:

Follow Instructions to Generate your HTML Code for Tag Cloud.

The Steps below are very easy. I add short steps (making more steps), to keep it easy.

  • From the Tag Cloud Generator: Click on Generate HTML Code.
  • Click in the Generated Code Box, Select All (Ctrl-A).
  • Copy (Ctrl-C)
  • Go to our WYSIWYG HTML Editor at:
  • Click New Document Button (top-left) to clear Editor
  • Click on HTML Button (top-right in 2nd row)
  • A window will pop-up for raw HTML Code.
  • Paste (Ctrl-V) your Tag Cloud Code to this window.
  • Click on the Update Button. Sometimes you have to scroll down within the inner most window, to see this button. This action will clear the line returns (wrapping), and prevent your tag cloud from wrapping, within a Ning Box.
  • Now, click on the HTML button again.
  • Click in Box, and Select All (Ctrl-A)
  • Copy your code with (Ctrl-C)
  • Paste your Tag Code within a Ning Text Box. Use a wide center column text box, for best results.
  • Click on SAVE.

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