For those of you who celebrate July 4th (U.S. Independence Day), you probably enjoy adding an interesting video to your Social Community that salutes this important Holiday. I'm always trying to find high quality and/or unique videos for different holidays, and really enjoy the videos offered by A&E's History Channel website. Recently, A&E decided to enable sharing of their videos - - with an ad at the start of the video. It's a small tradeoff for such great quality videos.

  • If you want to find an Independence Day Celebration video, head on over to:
  • Choose your video, and click on play. After the short advertisement, hover over the video at bottom right, and you will see a "share button".
  • Click on Share, then click on Embed Code.
  • Grab the embedded code, and paste into a Text Box on your Ning Network. Be sure to click on the HTML button, paste code, then SAVE.


Happy July 4th! Be safe and enjoy. Don't forget to thank a Soldier for their critical role in helping us maintain our Freedom.


Best Regards,


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