Give it a rest already! ...(Your pointer finger that is)...

I get tired of constantly scrolling and having to go to the top of the page to get to my tabs while working on my site. One of my favorite tips I got from Jensocial is for floating images. It's a great way to show content on every page (or use to get around). Be sure to read the original post on JS for more info.


Here's an example of the Floating Quick Navigation I made to zip around and give the old pointer finger a little break.



I made buttons to go to the top of the page, back a page, go to the home page, go to my profile page and go to the bottom of the page (along with an icon tray so the buttons have a common background. Remove it if you want). The codes are very simple so they play nice with others, but I'm sure you could use Jens' animated scroll and my image source if you wanted to. Though we are somewhat of a dysfunctional family sometimes, most are eager to help each here's a small contribution from me if you are interested:


  • Copy the attached text file.
  • Replace my URL with yours in the Hover Home Button and Hover Member Page ButtonMake sure you keep the /profiles for the member page.
  • Copy & paste your revised code into My Network / Tools / Custom Code (mine works fine on the top).


I made a few versions so you can pick something that works for you. If you want to change the icons or tray, click on the image you like, copy the URL and replace the image source in the existing code.


I have also attached a text file & button to "Go Forward" if you would rather use it in lieu of one of the other buttons.


If you use this tip, post a link to your site or a screenshot if it's a private network. I'd love to see how it looks on other themes! Enjoy!


Optional Images


Icon Trays:



Blue (#0d1962):


Dark Gray (#333333):


Pink (#be1176):


Red (#bf0000):

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I prefer without the icon tray background. Its more lighter weight buttons. I tried to put a different image for incioo if a customer would like to have a small 50x50 px advertising but would not let me change the URL of the image. Is possible to modify?

Yes, you can change the image by uploading one to your File Manager (or Blog). Copy the url of the new uploaded image and replace the image reference in the code I'm using.

If you are looking to do a simple advertisement with an image, maybe try Jens original code and change the link URL to the site that pays you for the ad.

Hope that helps :)



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