The Broadcast Message Email can be customized at the top of the message - - by adding an image like your logo, or other HTML.

Go to Manage/Language Editor.
  1. Select your Network Language, by clicking on Edit, next to your Language.
  2. Before clicking on Edit, be sure to give the page time to completely load, to ensure you select the correct language.

  3. Under the title in left column: Original Text, next to the Search box, enter "A message to all members of %" without the quotes.

  4. Click on Search.
  5. When the Search returns the search results, you will see a box in the right column that contains the search string (words) you entered. This is where you want to add your custom content.

  6. Add your custom HTML.
  7. Click on Save.
  8. Be sure to send yourself a preview of a Broadcast Message, to test the results.
  9. WARNING: I do not know if this effects any other message on your network.
    • If anyone finds a case where this HTML is added to a message other than the Broadcast Message, please let us know.
    • I could not find another case.
    • I suggest going with a customized header that would work for all site messages. I'm taking a chance and making mine specific to updates and news.
  10. For this example, I added an image to serve as my header.
  11. Below is the code that returns the results in the example screen shot.
  12. I simply replaced the original message line "A message to all members of %" with the image code.
JenSocial Language Editor Code Example:
<p style="text-align: left;"><img src="" alt=""></p>

Broadcast Message Results - See JenSocial Logo and "News and Updates from Jen" This image was added via the Language Editor.

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